Friday, November 23, 2007

Phoenix Arizona Attractions

Phoenix, Arizona is home to an eclectic mix of people, sights and sounds. Phoenix is the nation’s fifth largest metropolitan city and continues to grow.

In the heart of the Southwest, the city of Phoenix combines the heritage of a number of Native American tribes whose ancestors have lived on the land for generations. Phoenix also offers the historical and legendary elements of the Old West, from gold mining to cowboys, along with the spirit of a modern day city and you’ll begin to see what Arizona’s state capitol city is all about.
With more than 325 days of sunshine a year and an average daily temperature of 85 degrees, there’s never a dull moment in Phoenix.

Phoenix Arizona attractions that shouldn't be missed are as follows:

Honoring the heritage of generations of Native Americans who have called the land home, the Heard Museum has been internationally recognized as the nation’s most prestigious private Indian arts collections. For more than 75 years, the museum’s philosophy has been to educate the public on the heritage and living cultures and arts of Native people, emphasizing the peoples of the Southwest. The museum has a permanent collection of more than 35,000 artifacts and regularly hosts special exhibitions, festivals and artist demonstrations throughout the year. Annually, nearly 250,000 people visit the museum.

Phoenix has year-round ideal weather, so, it’s no surprise that Phoenix has become a hot spot for golfing. The metropolitan Phoenix area is home to more than 150 golf courses ranging from the seven city municipal courses to some of the world’s finest golf at several private communities. With so many golf courses to choose from, there are also a number of excellent golf schools and training facilities in the area where newbies can learn the basics and more seasoned players can sharpen their skills under the direction of some of the best teachers in the business. Rather watch than play? During tournament season (November through May), major PGA and LPGA tournaments are played in the area of Phoenix, offering the ideal opportunity to see some of the game’s greatest play. Most well known is the PGA FBR Open (formerly the Phoenix Open), which is held in late January to early February each year. The Open, nearing its 70th year, is one of the longest running events on the PGA Tour.

A must see in Phoenix is a visit to Papago Park, it encompasses the renowned Desert Botanical Gardens and the Phoenix Zoo. Papago Park itself is a 1,200-acre park with a system of relatively easy hiking trails and beautiful red, sandstone buttes. The park offers armadas, picnic table and grills as well as fishing lagoons and bike paths. As part of the park, the Phoenix Zoo features 1,300 animals exhibited throughout five distinctive trails. Highlights include a children’s petting zoo and a trail showcasing desert animals. Perhaps one of the most unique elements of Papago Park is the Desert Botanical Gardens, which hosts one of the world’s finest collections of desert plants. The Gardens features more than 50 acres of outdoor exhibits with 139 rare, threatened and endangered plant species from around the world. Since the gardens’ inception in 1939, the Gardens welcome 250,000 visitors each year.

Hiking in Phoenix is the best, largely because there are so many places to hike. Two of the most popular locations include Piestewa Peak and South Mountain Regional Park. Piestewa Peak (The park was formerly known as Squaw Peak, but renamed during Operation Freedom for fallen Arizonan Lori Piestewa, the first Native American solider ever to be killed in combat.) Featuring dozens of trails – some of which welcome canine hiking companions – the actual peak has an elevation of 2,608 feet and offers remarkable views of the Phoenix area. On the opposite end of the city is the more than 16,000-acre South Mountain Regional Park and Preserve. The largest municipal park in the country, South Mountain offers 58 miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding, at a variety of skill levels.

Take a trip back in time at Historic Heritage Square, part of Heritage and Science Park. Heritage Square is a city block, dating from the late 1800s, which encompasses the only remaining historical structures from the city’s original town site. At the cornerstone of Heritage Square is the Rosson House, an amazing restored Victorian style home built in 1895. The remainder of Heritage Square includes museums, shops and restaurants. The whole of Heritage and Science Park offers additional shopping, dining and museums including the interactive Arizona Science Center and the Phoenix Museum of History.

Every spring, thousands of baseball fans come to the Phoenix area for one reason, Cactus League Spring Training. Nine Major League Baseball teams hold spring training at seven stadiums in the Phoenix area. Large crowds come to see their favorites including the Chicago Cubs, Oakland A’s, San Diego Padres, Anaheim Angels, Kansas City Royals, Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers. Training runs the entire month of March, with games being played seven days a week. In addition to the draw of getting an early glimpse of their team’s lineup, fans also get unique opportunities to get up close with their favorite players during the frequent autograph signing sessions before and after games. If you’re visiting Phoenix after March, take in an Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game at Bank One Ballpark (affectionately known to locals as BOB). The ballpark’s retractable roof ensures that the weather’s always right for a baseball game. The park also features a large swimming pool that can be rented for groups and special events – can you think of a better way to enjoy a game in the desert? If baseball isn’t your thing, Phoenix is one of only eight cities in the nation to have professional teams in all four major sports – baseball, basketball, football and hockey. So, check out a Phoenix Suns Game at America West Arena, an Arizona Cardinals game at Sun Devil Stadium or a Phoenix Coyotes game at the new Glendale Arena.

It’s safe to say, there’s plenty of more to do in Phoenix than this guide could possibly cover. But rest assured there is literally something for every one in Phoenix – for families and couples, for spa-goers and adventure seekers. Phoenix is the place to go for fun in the sun.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Entertainment in Hong Kong

Entertainment in Hong Kong consists in many different forms. Shopping, though, is the ultimate in Hong Kong. There are many malls, stores and street markets offering bargains on everything from designer jeans to jade jewelry. There is so much more entertainment in Hong Kong, though, than just shopping. Hong Kong has an abundance of cultural attractions. Tips on finding entertainment in Hong Kong, including some great museums, and places to shop and dine follows.

Taking a tour of the major landmarks is a good way source of entertainment in Hong Kong and can help you to get acquainted with the city and learn about its history at the same time. The Architecture Institute of Hong Kong organizes tours of some of the notable buildings downtown. The tours are conducted by a local architect and take about three hours. On the tours you will be introduced to the older, colonial buildings such as the Central Police Station and the French Mission, as well as some great modern architecture, including the Hong Kong and Shanghai building designed by Sir Norman Foster in 1985.

Entertainment in Hong Kong can include visiting temples. The Man Mo Temple is one of the most important in Hong Kong. Located near Hollywood Road, it was built in 1848 and is named after Man, the god of literature, and Mo, the god of martial arts. Inside, the air is thick with the smoke from coils of incense paper burned by worshipers. You can also see statues of the deities, Man holding a calligraphy brush and Mo holding a sword. Wong Tai Sin Temple is the most well known Taoist temple in Hong Kong. Ornately decorated with red pillars and a golden roof, Wong Tai Sin is always crowded with worshipers. It is dedicated to a famed healer and Taoist disciple, whose portrait adorns the main altar. Today, people pray at the temple for help with their health and concerns, and come to have their fortunes read. You can have your fortune read by one of the many clairvoyants located at the temple entrance. They read faces and palms and draw up Chinese astrological charts. Not all speak English, though. Also, you can find a Chinese herbal medicine retailer in the temple grounds.

Lantau Island is a common tourist attraction. The main reason people go to this island is to visit the largest Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong located high in the Lantau hills. Walk up 260 steps to the 100 ft tall seated statue of Buddha and take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding hillsides. You can even stay at the monastery and sample some of the delicious, yet simple vegetarian fare. Lantau is actually a much larger island than Hong Kong. Much of it is covered in woodlands and in addition to visiting the temple, you can also go on some nice walks here.

Your entertainment in Hong Kong can include taking a boat ride. You’ve probably seen Aberdeen Harbor many times in movies and on television the fishing junks, the people, and the ubiquitous seafood restaurants. For an experience to remember, try taking a boat ride in a wooden sampan across the harbor, or have a meal at one of the huge floating restaurants.
While visiting Hong Kong you simply must try some Dim sum (little steamed stuffed dumplings) is a speciality in Hong Kong and you should try some during your stay. You can try dim sum anywhere, but Hong Kong City Hall Restaurant is a charm as the food is still served the traditional way on carts. Waitresses roll the carts around the hall and you just point to what you want. It’s as simple as that! The dim sum here is really good, but if you’re looking for something more upmarket, try dim sum at the celebrated Peninsula Hotel.

Shopping malls, designer stores, restaurants, bars and cafes vie for your attention in Tsim Sha Tsui. This district of Hong Kong is extremely popular with locals and tourists. If you are on a tight schedule, make sure you go to Tsim Sha Tsui, because as well as entertainment, there are also a number of cultural attractions located here. The first of these is the Museum of Art which has a collection of more than 14,000 exhibits. Its focus is on preserving the artistic heritage of the Chinese people and the collection includes many works of art from ancient China. It also has an extensive calligraphy section. The excellent Space Museum is just next door, as is the Cultural Center, where you can take in a dance performance or classical music concert.
Entertainment in Hong Kong is easily found in the southwest of Hong Kong island, not far from the harbor is a massive theme park and entertainment center. Amusement rides, a butterfly park, an aviary and marine shows are some of the highlights of Oceanpark, Hong Kong. Particularly interesting is the Middle Kingdom walk-through exhibition, which features recreated street scenes and palaces from long ago. It’s a fun way to learn about Hong Kong's past. Waterworld has slides, a wave pool, manmade rapids and other child-friendly activities. Everyone who visits Hong Kong goes to Stanley Market. This popular tourist destination is the place to go to haggle over everything from antiques to electronics. Some good buys here are embroidered household linens, cheap children’s clothes and all kinds of fun little trinkets and artifacts. You'll get true Hong Kong experience visiting this place.

Hong Kong is a fun place to visit and finding great entertainment in Hong Kong is an easy task.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cheap Travel to Thailand

Thailand is a country where your hard earned dollars can really go a long way. Cheap travel to Thailand can easily be obtained as their cost of living is very low there. The Thai currency is the Baht of which there are 37 to US$1. It's possible to cover all your basic needs such as food, water, accomodations and local transportion on a budget of about 200 Baht a day or just over US$5. This is certainly cheap travel to Thailand.

Thailand's most popular visitor season is the winter period from November until March. During this time of year it rains the least and is not unbearably hot and humid. If you really want to travel cheap to Thailand, avoiding the crowds and taking advantage of discounted room rates, consider coming in April, May, June, September or October. Unless you are arriving from Malaysia, Bangkok will probably be your entry port into Thailand. Bangkok is by far the biggest city in Thailand with a population approaching 7 million, it is also relatively more expensive than the rest of Thailand.

Cheap travel to Thailand from the airport to the central city can cost from as little as 3.5 Baht for the local unaircon teeth rattler or as much as 300B for a private taxi. The best option for cheap travel in Thailand is the 70B airport bus which runs every 15 minutes. This bus has about 6 stops and makes one in Banglamphu district where most of the budget accomodation and traveler services are located. Cheap travel to Thailand can be found at the hub of Banglamphu where you'll find the Khao San road made famous in the movie The Beach. You won't see many Thai faces in the crowd but you will find the cheapest accomodations in Thailand. The cheapest is about 50B a night for a mattress on the floor in a room shared with 30 or so others. The average price for a single room is 100B, about 140B for a double. rooms are really basic with just a fan, plenty of friendly cockroaches and a communal bathroom (no hot water). Hence, the cheapest accommodations in Thailand.

Khao San Road and its immediate surroundings are littered with bars and eating establishments. These are totally targeted at travelers so the prices are more than you would pay a few blocks away in a more Thai neighbourhood. Prices generally range from 50B-100B a dish and a large beer will double the bill. If you want to save money in Thailand, consider eating from the various street stalls all over the city where all sorts of exotic delights are cooked up at bargain prices.

Getting around Bangkok to see the sights can be exceedingly cheap travel to Thailand if you stick to the unaircon blue, green or red public buses. Fares are 3.5B for the first 8km. If you don't speak any Thai it can be a little difficult finding the right bus as nothing is wriiten in english. If you want the aircon option the fare is 6B for the first 8km. Other options are the exciting Tuk tuks (3 wheeled scooters), and motor cycle taxis. You will need to bargain with the driver. Expect to pay about 40B for a short journey. In a normal taxi fares within central Bangkok are about 70B.

To get from one point in Thailand to another you can take either the normal public bus (no airconditioning), or an airconditioned public bus. Even though it is double the price of the non airconditioned bus, it is still a bargain. They go regularly almost everywhere in Thailand. The 220KM journey from Bangkok to Rayong in the east costs just 90B.

The train is a great way for cheap travel to Thailand if you are heading south to the islands or north to Chiang Mai. Prices in the non airconditioned carriages are on a par with the buses.
Thailand accomodations in guesthouses and beach bungalows start at about 100B. Quality can vary greatly in Thailand accommodations so be prepared to shop around first. If you are planning on staying in Thailand anywhere for longer than a week, it can be well worth bargaining for a discount rate on your Thailand accommodations.

There is cheap food to be had everywhere in Thailand and two people can eat a substantial vegetarian meal for 40B. If you intend to purchase anything in Thailand such as clothes or souveniers, it is well worth while to bargain a little with the proprietor. Of course don't try this in department stores in Thailand!

Your biggest expense while visiting in Thailand will probably be alcohol. Every place travelers and tourists congregate has its fair share of drinking spots which act as the main meeting places. A small beer costs about 50B and 90B for a large one. The local Thai whiskies such as Mekong and Sangthip are cheaper options.

With a little wisdom you can enjoy cheap travel to Thailand with very little meony and have a great time.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Interesting Visit to India

India is an exciting place to visit in the Asian sub-continent. The country of India is well known for its diversity. Every year millions of tourists from across the world come to India to enjoy various sights of this country. There are many exciting tourist attractions in India. If you're going to visit India, some places of interest follows.

Situated in the west of the country Rajasthan, India is known for its forts and beautiful palaces. The capital of Rajasthan—Jaipur is only three hours drive from Delhi. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City and is one of the top tourist places in the country of India. There are many forts and palaces in Jaipur that you must visit on your tour of Jaipur, India. Some of the important tourist attractions in Jaipur include City Palace, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar.

Your visit to India should include a trip to Goa. Popular for its sun kissed beaches and bonhomie atmosphere, Goa is an all time favorite place to visit in India. Traveling to Goa is like a self invitation to a big party, where everyone has come for just one reason—to have loads of fun. There is so much to do and see in Goa, India. You can beach hop, visit white washed churches or simply lounge on the beach and enjoy delicious sea food.

The capital of India is Delhi. This is a great place to explore. It has beautiful gardens and historic monuments that attract a tourists and make it inviting to visit India. Delhi is the fast growing metropolis in India. There are various places of tourist interest in Delhi, India that you can visit. Some of the popular landmarks in Delhi, India include the Red Fort, India Gate, Akshar Dham Temple, Jama Masjid, Birla Temple, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple and Humayun’s Tomb. You can also check out the cultural scene of the city by visiting various art galleries or shops in the choc-a-bloc markets of India.

During their visit to India most tourists include seeing the city of Agra, which is about three hours away from Delhi. This is where the famous Taj Mahal of India (see pic above) is located. The Taj Mahal is the 17th century architectural wonder, which was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in honor of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. Besides seeing the Taj Mahal, there are many other historic monuments located in Agra, India. There are many hotels in Agra, which cater to the accommodation needs of tourists.

Located in the south of India is Kerala. Tourists that enjoy being around water enjoy it here. Keralla boasts of unbroken beach line. This state in India is well known for its backwaters, beaches and Ayurveda. Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram is the state capital, which is connected by air and rail from other parts of India. Kovalam is one of the most popular beaches in the country of India, which is not too far from Thiruvananthapuram. Backwaters and Ayurveda are the major draws to the state.

You are sure to enjoy your visit to India, and will find there is much beauty to be enjoyed there.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Inexpensive Trip to Japan

The country of Japan has a reputation for being a very expensive country to visit, and this reputation is not totally unwarranted. Everyone has heard horror tales about the $50 glass of beer and the $100 steak they had while visiting Japan.
However, you can avoid these and other pitfalls and at the same time see more of Japan inexpensively than you would if you spent a small fortune. How to accomplish this may vary depending on whether your visit to Japan will be brief or extended. It may also depend on how good your memory is, and your sense of adventure, if you don't read Japanese. Here are some tips for an inexpensive trip to Japan.

Cheap Transportation in Japan: For a short stay, rent a JITENSHA (bicycle) for $10-30 a day. If you need to take public transportation on occasion, use the station bicycle parking lot -- and a good lock. Remember while visiting Japan that subways are cheaper than trains, and buses are cheaper than subways, but any town sophisticated enough to have a subway system probably has signs in ROMAJI (our alphabet) and buses rarely do. Thus even resident foreigners tend not to take buses, which is unfortunate for them, because buses go to a lot of places that subways don't (and outside of large metro areas, there simply aren't any subways). Naturally, a bike will get you where even the buses don't go, and you'll never get lost.

If you do rely on public transportation while visiting Japan, the larger metro areas will usually offer passes and multi-trip tickets. Be sure to inquire at the station. (Bring student I.D. if appropriate; it may afford you some discounts.) Most stations house tourist information facilities whose staff can help you figure out what you want and how to ask for it. If you end up in a taxi, try to share a ride in order to share the cost, and remember: there is NO TIPPING in Japan!
For long-distance travel in Japan, the SHINKANSEN (Bullet Train) is the fast and pricey. The whole of Japan is about the size of California, it's not huge as nations go but it's also not one island but several.

Keep in mind that the Japanese drive on the left side of the road, so your bus stop is across the street from where you think it is! Ride your bike in the street in Japan, unless everyone else on wheels is using the sidewalk. Don't be surprised if you encounter a subway employee whose job it is to shoehorn folks into crowded trains. Regardless of how you go, you might want to write down the KANJI (Chinese pictograph character, used in Japanese alongside native KANA, or syllables) for your destination.

Cheap accommodations in Japan: For a long stay in one area of Japan, consider a homestay, arranged before you arrive. Contact the International Center of the city or town of your choice; failing that, even small towns usually have a tourist office. For a short stay or series of short stays in Japan, don't pay for a western-style hotel (expensive), RYOKAN (Japanese-style inn -- a better experience but only slightly cheaper) or a business hotel (cheap but nasty -- a bit like sleeping in a locker). Instead, check out a youth hostel (you can join on site if you're not a member) or a MINSHUKU. Each will probably include a Japanese-style breakfast (often green or brown tea, fish, soup, rice and a raw egg to mix with the rice, along with some thin wafers of seaweed in which to wrap the mixture), require you to put away your own bedding each morning, and provide communal toilet and bath facilities. About baths: conservation-minded Japanese families share their bath water, and MINSHUKU guests are, at least to that extent, considered part of the family; you bathe in private, but the water isn't discarded or refilled. Locals have done this their whole lives and built up their immunity to each other's normal bodily bacteria, etc., but that same innocent effluvia may knock you for a loop. Determine that your facility has a shower as well as a bath.

Cheap sightsseeing in Japan: Guided tours in Japan are fun within a city. You can find the highlights yourself with the help of the local tourist office, and with the aid of a map you can see the off-the-beaten-path Japan as well. Find out in advance when local Japanese festivals are located. They are usual outdoor affairs, often on temple, shrine or park sites, usually open to the general public.

While visiting Japan, if you are feeling especially adventurous, take the following day trip: buying the cheapest ticket, hop a local train and get off at the next small stop that looks interesting, paying the fare difference (if any) as you exit. There may be a bus stop at the station; you may wish to explore on foot or go where the bus goes (often up a mountain, Japan is mostly mountain!) Be sure to ask where to stand to catch the return bus (and whether there even IS a return bus!) Wear a backpack or at least a waistpack to keep all the maps, schedules and souvenirs you collect in Japan.

Cheap meals in Japan: You don't have to pay $50 for a beer! They're only a couple bucks at a beer machine (outside many shops) in Japan, or from the refrigerator case in a convenience store. If you're not planning to cook while visiting Japan, supermarket prices are reasonable. Also eat where regular folk eat in Japan and avoid tourist traps. Almost all Japanese eateries have wax or plastic representations of their meals in the window, along with prices, so you shouldn't find yourself unpleasantly surprised. Some of the best and least expensive food in Japan can be found at noodle shops. Try a huge bowl of UDON (big noodles in soup) or DONBURI (a meat of your choice atop a bowl of rice) and OKONOIMIYAKI shops. Okonomiyaki is like a cross between a pancake and an omelette (the Japanese will tell you it resembles a pizza) and you get to choose the ingredients. There are also inexpensive sushi mills, such as Atom Boy, where a conveyor belt sends a selection around past your counter seat and you're charged, at the end, based on a dish-count. (Be sure to look at the pictorial menu to find out which kind of plate costs how much) Tea is generally included with all Japanese meals, and so are the condiments (such as pickled ginger). As with taxis, there is no tipping in Japanese restaurants.

Vending machines are all over the place in Japan, even out in the boonies. Save money by bringing a thermos and fill it with the beverage of your choice, purchased at a supermarket in Japan. Likewise, if you're going hiking in Japan, select portable edibles at the market and prepare them in advance. You can also find ready-made O-BENTO (lunchbox meals) at train stations (expensive) and in the supermarket (less expensive). You can enjoy an inexpensive trip to Japan.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Grand Canyon Getaway for Couples

It’s easy to imagine a romantic getaway for couples when the Grand Canyon is the destination. Imagine the Colorado River, winding its way through nature’s red, pink, brown and beige sculpture known as the one of the world's seven wonders.

The Grand Canyon is a popular getaway for couples, and is open year-round. When looking for accommodations while visiting the Grand Canyon, there are many couples friendly places to stay.
Legacies Bed and Breakfast in Williams, AZ affords a great romantic hideaway not far from the South Rim. The B&B features themed rooms, including a palace suite. After a romantic night for two, the Grand Canyon Railway is available to transport the couple to witness the sweeping beauty of the Grand Canyon.

There are many ways to enjoy the Grand Canyon. For the truly adventurous couples, a mule ride to a campsite in the Grand Canyon itself can provide a spicy adventure. Those who love the outdoors will attest that there’s nothing more romantic than a campfire and the dark night between them and everyone else. For the slightly less rugged, the Phantom Ranch, located at the canyon's bottom, provides indoor accommodations.

There are many great hikes and beautiful points of interest in the Grand Canyon, including Bright Angel, Havasu Falls, South Kaibab Trail, Indian Gardens and more. Some of these are multi-day hikes that can provide couples with a leisurely experience together. Indian Gardens is an especially lovely multi-day hike, complete with time spent along the river and a peek at pictographs.

Are you a couple that's looking for seclusion? There is an out-of-the-way ranch located on the West Rim. Grand Canyon West Ranch is the only lodging on the West Rim, and couples can find romance in a cabin or a tee pee. The cabins have an Old West feel with the modern conveniences of bathrooms and running water. The tee pees are very romantic, with lanterns providing the only light, but the restroom facilities are shared. The ranch also features a delicious candlelit Old West style dinner and entertainment, horse-and-buggy rides and mineral baths fresh from a spring beneath the Grand Canyon Plateau.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a little-known gem. It is only open May through October, but less crowding and cooler temperatures make the North Rim a more than pleasant spot for couples visiting the Grand Canyon.

The spacious Grand Canyon Lodge offers motel rooms, simple and comfortable, as well as a choice of cabins. The frontier cabins are small and cozy, allowing for an intimate atmosphere. The Lodge features a dining room overlooking the canyon, perfect for the romantically inclined. Be aware that dinner reservations are required, and sometimes they need to be made one to two months in advance.

Numerous helicopter rides and tours are available for couples visiting the Grand Canyon. However, you have to go out of the immediate vicinity of Grand Canyon to avail yourself of the air tours. An air tour can be very romantic, however. Some companies offer a champagne picnic along the Grand Canyon, or by the Colorado River, as well as other romantic packages that sometimes include lodgings.

Nothing provides romance like picturesque surroundings, some privacy, and a little bit of adventure. The Grand Canyon readily supplies all the necessary requirements for a romantic getaway for couples.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Exciting Nightlife in Pittsburgh

Entering the beautiful city of Pittsburgh is a fascinating sight to see. From land or air, Pittsburgh at night is brimming with excitement and is really beautiful. It is also a breath taking view as the once booming steel town shows off its wealth of architectural structures. No matter what time of year you are visiting Pittsburgh there is never a shortage of things to see and experience at night.

The downtown cultural district is where you will be completely satisfied if you appreciate the fine arts. The Heinz Hall, home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra is an extraordinarily gorgeous building and shows have been enjoyed by millions of music lovers from all over the world.

The dining experience in Pittsburgh is excellent. The choices of the various cuisines available are astonishing, and the hardest thing about the dining experience in Pittsburgh is choosing which restaurant to visit. Many visitors prefer to dine by the waterfront and there are plenty of casual to fine restaurants to choose from. The Waterfront Homestead offers entertainment, dining and shopping and it sits along the Monongahela River. This is a favorite restaurant of tourists as it is centrally located in the historic district.

Also, located nearby is The Shops at Station Square. This former train station hosts a multitude of fine shops, clubs and restaurants. During the weekend this is the place to be. Evening entertainment includes comedy acts, live music and fine dining. Many visitors looking for a night out on the town shoot straight for the Matrix. Guests will find four different clubs within the matrix that offers different music for all tastes.

Downtown Pittsburgh is just a drive away across the Smithfield Bridge. Here you will find the Harris and Byham Theaters. They offer nightly entertainment from Broadway shows to dance performances. You can't enjoy the full effect of Pittsburgh if you don't visit the Strip District. The city's hottest night life exists right here with night clubs and jazz bars virtually everywhere you turn. The strip is always filled with locals and tourists on weekend nights looking for excitement. Night life enthusiasts will enjoy the ultimate retro experience at Club Café. This club offers live music and is a favorite of locals. If you are a country and western fan then you will enjoy the hospitality of the Pepsi-Cola Roadhouse. This unique restaurant and club is frequented by some of countries finest. Tickets must be purchased for these live showings and the place to get your tickets for most of these events is through ticketmaster.

Primanti’s, one of the cities favorite restaurants is located on the strip and is worth the drive or walk. You can smell the wonderful aroma’s from their fresh food a block away, and they been serving satisfied diners since 1933 with their huge array of hot and cold sandwiches. While visiting the Strip District you can take a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk. There are a variety of free live entertainment and inexpensive drinks to be enjoyed.

Pittsburgh is home to the Pirate’s, Steelers and the Penguins. The Mellon Arena, located in downtown Pittsburgh is the home of the NHL Penguins. The Mellon Arena is famous for its retractable dome roof which is the largest in the world. The Harlem Globetrotters and the World Wrestling Federation have showings here amongst many other famous people. Heinz Field is loved by fans as its opened bowl shape offers views of downtown Pittsburgh. Upon entering Heinz Stadium fans can view the Super Bowl trophies, and if that isn’t enough, diehard fans can watch the pouring Heinz ketchup bottles. When the home team drives into the Heinz red zone the ketchup bottles pour onto the screen. Heinz Field is located right across from downtown Pittsburgh and is a must see for anybody that loves football. PNC Park is where you will find the Pittsburgh Pirates. Baseball fans will love the statues of legendary ball players from the past. The views of Pittsburgh from PNC Park are outstanding and you can get to the park by river boat or car.

There is virtually something for everyone in the steel city. The only requirement for visiting Pittsburgh is an open mind and a plan for having a great time. Pittsburgh is also known as the friendly city, the people there are just that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Charming Savannah Dining

People come from around the world to experience charming southern savannah dining. They serve it up with friendly southern hospitality in this town. Tourists enjoy visiting Savannah because of its many attractions, southern hospitality, and overall charm. However, one might say that the best thing about Savannah is the charming Savannah dining experience.

Perhaps the most famous restaurant located within Savannah is the Olde Pink House, which is a late eighteenth century mansion located within the historic district. The mansion was first built by one of the wealthiest residents of Savannah at the time, James Habersham, and has held many functions throughout its rich history, which even includes serving as headquarters for one of Sherman’s generals during the Civil War. This restaurant is a favorite among locals and tourists due to the romantic and elegant atmosphere and the delicious menu options, which includes many delicious seafood dishes.

Another well-loved restaurant located within Savannah is the Shrimp Factory. The Shrimp Factory was built during the mid nineteenth century and also has a detailed history, which includes serving as a warehouse for cotton and other products during that time. One of the best things about the Shrimp Factory is its great location, which is on East River Street and less than 200 feet from the Savannah River. The restaurant is also well loved due to the casual, romantic atmosphere, friendly service, and delicious menu, which also includes many fantastic and scrumptious seafood dishes.

Looking to enjoy a cup of tea in Savannah? Located on historic Bull Street, the Gryphon Tea Room is the place. Here you'll find a great selection of fine teas. In addition, there is also a great brunch menu as well as fantastic desserts for you to enjoy. The friendly service and quaint atmosphere is charming.

Enjoy charming Savannah dining at The Lady and Sons. Known for its old fashioned southern favorites, including fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, and much more. This unique restaurant is also a favorite because of the great service and friendly atmosphere. Another great place for enjoying great southern cooking is Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room. Also very popular, the food is served family style, which means that the dishes are passed around the table. The service is also friendly here and the food is delicious.

There are many great restarants located within Savannah that serve up the best breakfast food. The Breakfast Club is very popular and there is usually a very long line of tourists and locals just waiting to be seated inside the restaurant. The atmosphere is very relaxing and friendly. The food is delicious with many delicious options from great tasting grits, a well-known southern delicacy to various egg omelettes. There is also a fantastic lunch menu available. Clary’s Café is also a local favorite for breakfast and lunch and was made famous in John Berendt’s popular book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The Café is popular because of its casual 1950's diner style, friendly service and great southern food.

You don't have to look far to enjoy charming Savannah dining. The many different restaurants provide something for everyone to enjoy. Also, the overall friendliness of the locals and quaint southern charm of the town in uncomparable.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Visit Disney World on a Budget

If your considering visiting Disney World, but worried that it might be too expensive, think again. You can visit Disney on a budget. A vacation to visit Disney World can be affordable for students, seniors, and families. A traveler of any age can visit Disney on a budget.
In order to visit Disney on a budget, the first thing you need to consider is your method of transportation. Trains and planes often compete in prices, and planes are always faster, so if taking in the scenery along the way to Disney isn’t a big part of your itinerary, opt to fly. If flying to Disney, the first thing to do is search online and see what package vacation deals to Disney are available. There are Disney package deal vacations that includes airfare, lodging, transfers to and from the airport and hotel, and admission to the Disney theme parks. Compare the prices on the Disney package vacation deals and choose accordingly.
Visiting Disney on a budget will require affordable accommodations. If you are flying and plan to visit attractions outside Disney World, you’ll need a rental vehicle. If this is the case, or if you have driven from home, take advantage of the budget accommodations on West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee. Just minutes from the Disney parks, this strip of motels and restaurants is a value seeker’s paradise. Larson Inn Family Suites offers a Family Suite that sleeps six. With rates as low as $69 in off-season (most of December), amenities include a refrigerator and microwave. In peak season the rates are around $100. Stop at a full service grocery store and stock up on staples like cereal, juice, milk, and snacks. A family of four could save up to $35 a day by eating breakfast in the room and bringing snacks in a backpack.

Just five miles from Disney, Magic Castle Inn and Suites feature mini-suites and a free deluxe continental breakfast for as little as $45 in the off-season. Peak season finds the rate at about $75. Picnic tables, grills, and microwaves are available. A free shuttle takes guests to and from the Disney Theme Parks.
Should you opt to fly, plan on visiting only the Disney Theme Parks, and there are no more than four or five people traveling in your party, it is worth your while to stay at the All-Star Resorts at Disney. The All-Star Movies, All-Star Music, and All-Star Sports resorts are respectively themed, and decently priced at $74-$99. The biggest advantage at staying here is the Disney Transportation System. A traveler or family can forgo renting a vehicle. A good value on a shuttle to and from the airport may be found through your travel agent or airport information services. Rely on the Disney Transportation System to deliver you everywhere else you’ll want to go. And best of all it’s absolutely free. The Reservations Center at Disney World may be reached at 1-407-934-7639 or at
Disney souvenirs can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. Buy Disney souvenirs at Wal-Mart and save lots of money. If they are for children, buy them before you even leave home. Seasonal merchandise may be discounted up to 75%, and they carry a wide range of Disney merchandise. Tuck a few discounted items in your luggage before you go and when the kids whine for Disney souvenirs pull one out at the end of the day. You are guaranteed to save money. I have purchased Mickey Mouse T-shirts and boxers for as little as $1.50 each. These ran approximately $15-$25 at Disney World.
Meals at Disney can be costly. My formula that has always saved money is to take advantage of those in-room refrigerators (even when staying at a Disney motel) and eat cereal in the room. Have your large meal at noon, when you can sample the wares the Disney restaurants offer at a fraction of the cost of an evening meal. Often you’ll find it is the same meal, only less expensive depending on the time of day. Bring cereal bars or granola bars and bottled water from home.
One inexpensive place at The Magic Kingdom to enjoy a quick meal is Aunt Polly’s Landing, located on Tom Sawyer’s Island. Featuring basics like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fried chicken, the food is affordable and actually tastes good, and the outside tables and surroundings provide a fun place to relax.
A Disney World vacation is possible on most budgets, and without using a charge card. It requires advanced planning, often altering the season in which you travel, and a bit of research combined with creativity. And, yes, you will spend some money. But frugally. I like to think of it as an investment. A Disney World vacation is a magical adventure, and twenty years from now your memories will be priceless.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Best Golf Resort Vacation

You can find the best golf resort vacation package with minimal effort through the use of your home computer and the internet. Consider what's most important to you when planning your golf resort vacation. Is location an important factor in your golf resort vacation? Have a general idea of what part of the country you would like to take your golf resort vacation and naturally consider the golf course itself. Will it be suitable for your individual golfing skills? Be aware of where some of the best golf courses are located. Whether your planning your golf resort vacation in the US or another country there is some basic information you should know.

Start planning your golf resort vacation by considering one of the best golf courses in the country. Many golfers are surprised at the famous name courses that are available for golf resort vacations. These can be excellent destinations for a very enjoyable golf vacation.
Wolf Creek – Mesquite, NevadaThe Homestead – Hot Springs, VirginiaSpyglass Hill – Pebble Beach, CaliforniaThe Prince Course – Princeville, Kauai, HawaiiPGA West – La Quinta, CaliforniaTanglewood Park – Clemmons, North CarolinaHorseshoe Bay Resort – Horseshoe Bay, TexasThe Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Your golf resort vacation doesn't have to cost a fortune, either. Booking online can allow you to enjoy very reasonable package prices. For example, you can spend three nights in Orlando, Florida and play four rounds of golf for less than $400. Of course, you will have travel expenses (car, plane) but the price is not out of reach for most golfers.

The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to planning a golf resort vacation. There are more than 31,000 golf courses to choose from around the world, in locations as exotic as the Bahamas, Mexico and Europe. In addition, the number of golf courses open to the public in the U.S. has soared in recent years. Many of these golf courses are located in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S., thus allowing you a most enjoyable golf resort vacation.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Visit Haunted Sites in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a city located in New Mexico unlike any other in the United States. Visitors new to the city feel as if they have taken a step back to a simpler time. Set upon a desert backdrop, this city has taken its natural surroundings to heart. If you are planning a visit to Santa Fe, be sure to spend your mornings shopping and dining at some of the finest cuisine this country has to offer. If you have a spirit for some spooky adventures, save your nights for exploring some of Santa Fe’s more “haunted” sites.
A building that was erected in 1905, called the Grant Corner Inn is considered by locals to be haunted by ghosts. The owners, a judge and his wife, gave birth to a very ill child that suffered from many afflictions, causing the wife to devote all her time to the child's care. Despite her constant attention, the child would continually cry when the mother took time out of her schedule to visit with friends in the parlor downstairs. He died a few years later and it is said that his presence lingers on and is responsible for turning the lights on and off in the room he once occupied. Visitors have heard doors slamming, despite the fact that the rooms being completely vacant. It has been said that most of the paranormal activity occurs in Room 4 and Room 8. Some employees and guests have also reported seeing the apparition of a woman (supposedly the judge’s tormented wife) in the hallway of the second floor.
Remember the movie “Poltergeist” where an entire new subdivision was built on top of an old graveyard, unbeknownst to the new owners? Now, imagine that an entire office building was built atop an old cemetery. This is what happened when the PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association) decided to build its structure on top of an old Spanish/American graveyard. Employees of PERA are quick to point out that the building is quite haunted and that these spirits make it a point to make their presence known. There have been unexplained noises like loud moans, as well as actual apparitions of a female figure that lingers on the third floor. Employees also report that when climbing up or down the stairwell, it often feels as if hands are coming out of the ground in an attempt to make them trip and fall.
Now a luxurious spa and hotel in the midst of downtown Santa Fe, La Posada Hotel offers many a weary traveler a home away from home. It is also known to be the final resting place of the wife of the original owner who adored her gorgeous home so much she decided to stay, even after her death. Built in 1882 by a rich merchant named Abraham Staab and his wife Julia, this three story mansion was soon filled with their six children; however, when their seventh child died soon after he was born, Julia slowly began to withdraw from her friends and her family, eventually confining herself to her room (Room 101 now) and dying at the age of 52 a lonely and very depressed woman. Guests of the hotel often hear cabinet doors slamming and some have even left their hotel rooms in a hurry claiming to have seen a ghostly female apparition staring at them from the foot of their beds. Employees find the spirit to be a bit of a prankster, flinging things off the shelves along with cold shivering drafts coming about the room. No reported injuries have occurred, however.
It is suggested when visiting these haunted sites in Sante Fe that you never do so alone.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Scuba Diving Adventure in Cyprus

The water being warm and incredibly clear when compared to some parts of the world, Cyprus is likely to remain as one of the most popular scuba diving sites in the world. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, it's no surprise that many come here to scuba dive.
It doesn't matter if your a beginner or an experienced diver, you're likely to find plenty of adventurous scuba dives to interest you. Beginners can learn the ropes at many locations around the island, with dive centres catering for those wishing to dive to depths of up to 50 metres.
One of the key attractions for many divers in Cyprus is the opportunity to dive to see the wreck of the ship Zenobia, which lies close to the harbour at Larnaca.
Seeing the wreck is a truly astonishing experience. The ship, which sank in 1980, was carrying a large cargo at the time. It's an amazing experience to see the ship quietly resting at the bottom of the sea, with its cargo having been enveloped by the water.
No matter where you want to dive in Cyprus, you'll find that diving instructors can point you in the direction of underwater tunnels, plus numerous caves to explore. There's a great range of dives to be found here, this is one of the features that has made scuba diving so popular in Cyprus.
When planning a trip for a scuba diving adventure in Cyprus, it's adviseable to compare travel prices online, as the costs involved in reaching the airports of Cyprus do vary considerably.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Relax Victorian Style in Cape May

Located approximately one hour south of Atlantic City is the city of Cape May, New Jersey. It's one of the nation’s oldest seashore resorts. Cape May, a national historic landmark site, boasts more than 600 faithfully restored and preserved Victorian structures.

If a quiet, relaxing vacation is what you are looking for, then Cape May is for you. Cape May features many Victorian bed and breakfast inns that are as pleasant to look at as they are to visit. Many of the Victorian homes on Cape May have been converted into bed and breakfast inns and are actually occupied by the owners of the homes.

The atmosphere of the inns in Cape May takes you back in time to an age of Victorian elegance that will have you coming back for more year after year. Each Cape May Inn has been restored to its original Victorian design featuring cathedral ceilings, arched, stained-glass windows, verandas, turrets, walnut beds and antiques throughout. While the décor and atmosphere will take you back to another century, most of the Victorian Inns are equipped with all the modern amenities you would expect when vacationing, such as private baths and air-conditioned rooms, but some are not. If you cannot vacation without a phone or a television, check the policies in the Cape May Inn that your interested in visiting.

During the summer months, you can spend your day basking in the sun. Since Cape May is not a free beach, most Inns provide their guests with beach tags as well as beach chairs for their sunbathing enjoyment. After your day at the beach in Cape May, enjoy afternoon tea on the veranda, or relax to the sound of classical music in the formal parlor, or read in the library. Just like they did during the Victorian Era.

Most tourists come to Cape May during the summer months. Though, most of the bed and breakfasts are open year-round and there any many events and attractions throughout the year to make a winter trip just as enjoyable.

Cape May offers the best in fine dining, particularly sea food, and most restaurants are within walking distance to the bed and breakfasts. Cape May also offers other tourist attractions, such as the Cape May Zoo, the Cape May Lighthouse and the Cold Springs Village.
Cape May provides you with a romantic and elegant getaway that will make you feel pampered and relaxed, regardless of the time of year that you visit.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Visit to the Great City of Rome

The great city of Rome is an amazing place to visit. The entire downtown area is like seeing one big collected museum. Wherever you look, wherever you go there are historic buildings, fountains, statues, monuments, and palaces. History is plentiful in Rome. Visiting this great city is very exciting and educational. See what has been one of the most important cities in our western history when visiting Rome.
The streets of Rome are narrow and winding. The building plan of Rome is somewhat confusing; so many streets, and many of them change their name along the same road. Even with a good map it can be quite hard to find your way around Rome.
There are plenty of tourists in Rome. The most renown sights are very crowded with long lines of people waiting for admittance. The typical tourist traps can be found in Rome, lots of street salesmen offering souvenirs of all sorts. Apparently it is against the law for these street salesmen to set up their goods on the streets of Rome. So I've been told.
When visiting Rome it is adviseable to take a bus tour and get familiar with the general plan of the City. There are several tour operators that run guided tours from Stazione Termini. Buses are open-roof in Rome, so bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun. There are also bus tours that run to the outskirts of Rome, e.g. to catacombs, aqueducts and along the Via Appia which is the ancient road on which the Imperial Roman army returned in triumph after successful campaigns. Parts of Via Appia are preserved, as you ride on 2000 year old pavement.
Walking is a very good way to see Rome, but be prepared for long distances and heat. It is very easy to find nice outdoor places to sit and have a rest and get something to drink along the road. Be careful if you have a limited expense account, at some places they will charge you 5 euro for a small bottle of water or 7 euro for a small glass of beer. Also note that there are public drinking fountains everywhere in Rome. The water is said to be of good drinking quality.
Taxi services are a great means to get around Rome. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to catch. There is also a large number of city buses that run frequently more or less everywhere in Rome. The subway system in Rome is good but there are only two lines crossing each other at Stazione Termini. So far it has been impossible to expand the subway system; wherever they want to dig a new tunnel they run into some archeological finding.
You will find that Rome is a beautiful city with a friendly atmosphere, lots of historic sights, good restaurants, and a lovely climate so it makes for a nice vacation.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nightlife Fun in San Diego

Nightlife fun in San Diego is plentiful. San Diego is known as one of the top spots for family vacations, so there are plenty of places to take the kids after a day seeing the sites. You can't go wrong with a place like The Old Spaghetti Factory, a festive place with great food and messy-as-you-wanna-be dining surrounded by antiques that tell a story of the city. For something a little fancier, try Anthony's Fish Grotto on the Bay located next to the Star of India, which is another beautiful site not to be missed. Over the bay, you'll see the lights of the United States Navy ships shining, leaving behind a gold shimmer on the waters. It's a peaceful experience, and Anthony's has delicious food to compliment such a gorgeous view. Beware when walking around by the Star of India, however; the boat, they say, is haunted.
If a romantic night out is what your looking for, try The Crab Catcher in La Jolla, San Diego. The view is breath taking, and the service is impeccable. Everything on the menu is splendid and it comes with a built in romantic walk with a view of the cove. One of the best long time standards for romance in San Diego is George's on the Cove with views of the ocean all around and wonderfully creative and tasty dishes. Dark velvety reds and candlelight have lent themselves to endless proposals at Bertrand at Mister A's in downtown San Diego. Exquisite food seals the deal and twinkling skyline views add to the ambiance of this fine restaurant. Downtown San Diego, in the historic Gaslamp Quarter is a great place to play at night with dancing, live music, great restaurants and maybe a baseball game at PETCO Park. It's a great place to dress up and go on a date, or go out on the town with friends with a lot of variety. The ever-popular Martini Ranch claims live music, nightclub, big screen sports, and great food. The Blue Tattoo provides pumping hip hop, dance, and techno for you to shake it up to with different DJ's spinning their special flavor on different nights of the week. If chilling out and catching a slow groove is more your style, check out Croce's, owned and operated by Ingrid Croce as a tribute to her late husband, singer/songwriter Jim Croce. Croce's Top Hat Bar & Grille deals out the soul and funk, and is a fabulous place to catch national and up and coming local blues acts. The Jazz Bar has been said to have some of the best contemporary and Latin jazz in Southern California.
For a little more casual evening in San Diego, head to the Pacific Beach where flip-flops are always in fashion and you will find pink-cheeked surfer boys and girls fresh and salty from the beach taking in a micro brew. Sushi bars abound in the beach area, as do top-notch places to pull up a stool and have a beer. Pacific Beach Bar & Grill is a must see for the singles crowd and is known to the locals as a great place to meet that cute guy or girl, but also has a dance floor and pool tables for those just out for some drinks and laughs. Pacific Beach has more laid back options, but dressing up in strappy shoes and low jeans is always an option. If you like your Mellon ball with an ocean view, Canes Bar & Grill is the place for you right smack on the boardwalk where Pacific meets Mission Beach. In Mission Beach, we have The Pennant and The Beachcomber, filled with happy locals with the beach on one side and the bay on the other. If one is too crowded, you can walk across the alleyway to the other. People here tend to have known each other, and someone just might call you Norm when you walk in the door. For a truly beachy, laid back experience, try Ocean Beach and pop into Sunshine Company Saloon Ltd. There are no strappy sandals in O.B., as the locals call it, and the only dance club plays reggae. At Sunshine Company, you will admire palm trees indoors, have a beer and play some pool. There isn't a lot of activity, but after a night running around in Pacific Beach, this may be exactly what you want.
No matter where you decide to spend your evening in this beautiful city of San Diego, the texture of its landscape and architecture along with the variety of things to do and see will keep you and yours entertained for quite some time. Many thanks to Luxury Travel.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Great Attractions at Busch Gardens

There are many great attractions for vacationers that visit Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida. Busch Gardens is a theme park that offers fantastic entertainment. There are amuzement rides, shows, restaurants, gift shops, and games that will entertain you at Busch Gardens. If you like great entertainment then you will really get a good deal for the entrance price at Busch Gardens! You can buy tickets online and save at their website, too. The best time of year to visit Busch Gardens in Tampa is in early spring or late fall. The reason why is because there will be less crowds and the weather is warm and comfortable, which makes walking around all day enjoyable. If you go in the dead of summer you will be scorched by the hot Florida sun and wait for hours to get on the rides. This can turn an amazing vacation destination into a miserable day of waiting and sweating. Of course, if you visit in the summer you will still have a lot of fun, but it will be considerably more enjoyable in the spring months of March and April or the fall months of September and October.
The main attraction at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, that is worth a visit on its own is the safari. Here you can take a tram, or even a private safari, and see zebra, giraffe, lions, and other wild animals. It is a whole lot of fun. You will feel like you are in Africa and it’s the easiest way to safari while you are still in the states. You can come to Busch Gardens Tampa for a day or you can create a full week of fun and include nearby Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, and the like in your vacation itinerary. When you visit Tampa, Florida there are so many fun things to do in and around Busch Gardens that you really should take advantage of everything while you are here! If you are worried about having tickets before you arrive then consider buying them online. There are websites that offer discounted tickets and even combination Busch Gardens-Sea World tickets where you can save some money. You can also buy your tickets at the gate when you arrive. Just make sure you have some cash on hand to pay for parking!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Studying in London

Many college students are leaving the states to study in London. Of course, London is one of the world's most interesting cities, rich in history, tradition and culture, but with a dynamic contemporary business, educational, cultural and recreational life. People from all over the world come to London to study and to experience all that this great city has to offer. Studying in London can give you useful experience of living and working in an international environment as well as important English language skills and qualifications. London id a world center of excellence and creativity in many fields. London is a major international center for music, fashion, arts and the media. You will find a lot of things to interest you. Influences from all parts of the world produce an exciting and dynamic cultural energy in London. Secondly, the City of London is a major financial center with leading markets for foreign exchange, commodities, stocks and shares, shipping and insurance. Thirdly, there are world famous theaters, cinemas, concert halls and clubs for evening entertainment, and many art galleries, museums and exhibition centers, for example the British Museum and the National Gallery.

London has many famous monuments, attractions and historical buildings such as the Houses of Parliament and Saint Paul Cathedral. Opportunities for shopping are excellent. Regent Street and Knights bridge, for example are famous for large stores such as Harrods or Liberty, and small specialty shops. You can also look for a bargain in one of the London street markets.

Students get a quality education while studying in London, and get to enjoy all this beautiful city has to offer.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All the Excitement of Las Vegas by Bus Tour

If your interested in visiting Las Vegas be prepared for glitter, glamour, and living life on the edge. There are several Las Vegas hotels based on amazing themes, each one vying to shock and seduce the imagination. It's no wonder Las Vegas has millions of tourists year after year. How do you get around? Vegas Bus Tours, of course.

Driving through the desert, like a mirage the Sin City rises, tempting us to try the unseen and extraordinary. Las Vegas evening bus tours are a must-try. Is there a better way to enjoy Vegas, the city of lights? It is a neon extravaganza to behold from within the comfortable interiors of a luxury coach tour bus. Guidelines require that children should be thirteen or older. The duration of the evening Vegas bus tour is around six hours. The price for the bus tours, per adult, can vary from thirty to sixty dollars. Besides Las Vegas, there are other city bus tours as well, for four hours, and all children are allowed. Elvis-A-Rama museum, Ethel M Chocolate Factory, Fremont Street shows, the Clark County Museum, Gamblers Museum, etc. are stops on the mini city bus tour. The Gray Line Tours and others also take the tourists through residential areas of Las Vegas.

The itinerary of a Las Vegas Bus Tour includes stops at the beautiful Bellagio fountains, Masquerade at Rio, Madame Tussauds at the Venetian, Volcano at the Mirage, the Star Trek experience at the Hilton, the adventure dome in Circus Circus, Pirate's show at Treasure Island, Airplay at the Tropicana, and finally at the end of the Las Vegas strip lies the over one-thousand-foot Stratosphere Tower.

Las Vegas bus tours allow you to discover the origins of Las Vegas, its history, and its emergence as the fun capital of the world. Hoover Dam bus tours from Las Vegas are great tourist options. Scenic bus rides to the magnificent Grand Canyon are available, and there are comedy tours, hosted by comedians. The strip and downtown Las Vegas can be enjoyed immensely just by taking an appropriate bus tour.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Things To Do In Hawaii

You can explore Hawaii on land, air or sea and take advantage of all that Hawaii has to offer it's visitors. There is more to do in Hawaii than just get a good suntan. Learn about the countless Hawaii adventures that you can have on your next visit to the beautiful paradise destination of Hawaii.
There are fabulous nature trails on every Hawaiian island to accommodate hikers, including treks for beginners and experts. On Maui, Haleakala is known as one of Hawaii's best hiking spots. A favorite hike on Oahu is the 45-minute climb to the top of Diamond Head, where visitors of Hawaii are rewarded with sweeping views of Waikiki, Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean. While visiting Hawaii, head to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and take on the Kilauea Iki Trail, a five-mile adventure that begins at the Thurston Lava Tube.
If you prefer to cycle your way around Hawaii, fear not, there is plenty for you to do as well. Haleakala has a wonderful down hill route made for biking and Lanai has a place called the Garden of the Gods. This is a place in Hawaii that looks like the surface of the moon and has very colorful rocks and craters in the landscape.
Another fun way to see Hawaii is horseback riding. One of the United States largest ranches, a sprawling 175,000 acres, Parker Ranch is on the Big Island, Hawaii, where you can pretend you are a cowboy for the afternoon.
Skiing? In Hawaii? Yes, indeed. The summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii is usually blanketed with snow from late November through April. Only advanced skiers should attempt to brave these slopes, however.
While visiting Hawaii, you'll notice the ocean provides many exciting recreational opportunities. Take a surfing lesson at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, where gentle waves and shallow waters are perfect for novices. Snorkel at Hanauma Bay, Hawaii or go SCUBA diving at Cathedrals, located just off Lanai's south shore. Hook a marlin or tuna on the deep waters off Kailua-Kona on the Big Island, Hawaii. Maybe even go to Kauai and enjoy a kayaking trip along the breathtaking Napali Coast.
If you want to see the island of Hawaii from the sky, almost every one of the Hawaiian islands offer hang gliding lessons or helicopter rides. If you are a little more adventurous, you can go skydiving on Oahu. Here, a licensed instructor will jump out of the plane in tandem at 13,000 feet from the sky.
You can also enjoy camping, windsurfing, whale watching and more while visiting Hawaii. This list just goes on and on. So when you are planning your next Hawaiian vacation, plan on having lots to do.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Niagra Falls - The Natural Wonder

Niagara Falls is known as one of the natural wonders of
the world and is renowned for its beauty. Located on the border between Canada and the United States, Niagra Falls consists of three separate waterfalls: the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls), the American Falls, and the smaller, adjacent Bridal Veil Falls.

The best time to visit Niagra Falls is the summertime. During this time the Falls are both a daytime and evening attraction. From the Canadian side, floodlights illuminate both sides of the Falls for several hous after dark (until midnight), offering a magnificent light show.

The oldest and best known tourist attraction at Niagara Falls is
the Maid of the Mist boat cruise, who carries its' passengers into
the whirlpools beneath the Falls. Cruise boats operate from boat
docks on both the United States and Canadian sides of the falls.

The Niagara Scenic Trolley offers guided trips along the American
Falls. Panoramic and aerial views of the falls can also be viewed
from the Flight of Angels hot air balloon ride, or by helicopter.

Niagara's most famous landmark is the Skylon Tower. The tower
has two restaurants at its top, the lower Revolving Dining Room
and the upper Summit Suite Buffet. The amazing Revolving Dining
Room seats 276 people and revolves once every hour by resting
on a circular rail that is propelled by a motor. An observation deck
sits at the tower's summit. The base of the tower features gift shops,
fast food restaurants and a large amusement arcade. This is where
you can get the best view of both the American Falls and Canadian
Horseshoe Falls as your 520 feet up from street level.

Visiting Niagra Falls is an experience you'll never forget. It's still a
favorite place for honeymoon vacations, too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Myrtle Beach SC - Summer Vacation

Whether your seeking a weekend getaway or a fun
filled summer vacation, Myrtle Beach, SC is a great
choice. Myrtle Beach is located in a wide region
known as the Grand Strand, that stretches from
Georgetown, South Carolina to Calabash, North Carolina.
Myrtle Beach is the largest community in The Grand Strand,
a major tourist destination along the South Atlantic seaboard
of the United States, widely known for its sandy beaches,
challenging golf courses, excellent seafood restaurants,
and outlet-style shopping.

Places to Shop:

Broadway at the Beach is located in the center of Myrtle Beach
Barefoot Landing is located in North Myrtle Beach
Coastal Grand Mall is the largest mall in South Carolina and is
located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 17 bypass and Hwy 501

Must See Attractions:

Alligator Adventure: A reptile park in North Myrtle Beach
Ripley's Believe It or Not: Displays oddities
Ripley's Aquarium: Private aquarium owned by Ripley's
Magiquest: Real magic adventures
The Carolina Opry: A live performance/entertainment theater
Family Kingdom Amusement Park: Sea-side amusement park
House of Blues: Features local and touring bands
Myrtle Waves: Major South Carolina water park
The Medieval Times Restaurant & Tournament: Knights fight for your amusement
Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede: A unique mix of civil war pageantry and entertainment

Hotel Rentals, Condos

Myrtle Beach Condos Direct: Offers condo rentals throughout the greater Myrtle Beach area.
Myrtle Beach Hotels and Condos: Myrtle Beach Hotels and Condos offered directly from private owner.
Barefoot Resort: Offers condo rentals at Barefoot Landing and Barefoot Resort

Naturally, there's always fun at the beach. Myrtle Beach has 60 miles of soft, sandy beaches,
providing: swimming, surfing, parasailing, shell collecting, sunbathing, and water skiing.
Whether you prefer boating, fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, parasailing, or windsurfing,
you can do it at Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is considered one of the nation's top vacation spots, it's no wonder
with all the fun things to do there.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sanibel Island - Florida Vacation

Sanibel Island is an island located on the Gulf coast
of Florida, just offshore of Fort Myers. If you'r vacation
dreams consist of being on a tropical island, walking in
the soft white sand, relaxing on a quiet beach, swaying
palm trees, lush tropical foliage and beautiful crystal blue
water, then you'll love Sanibel Island. The island has
15 miles of shell-laden shoreline. Over 400 different
species of shells can be found on the beaches.

Sanibel Island has everything one could wish for in a
Florida vacation. Excellent restaurants, accommodations,
golfing, tennis, fishing, boating, shopping, bike paths,
canoes, and theatrical productions are among the wonderful
things Sanibel has to offer. If you enjoy nature you can
visit the renowned J.N. “Ding Darling” National Wildlife Refuge
& Bird Sanctuary. The island itself is a nature preserve, so
one must respect all wildlife or otherwise be fined. It's not
uncommon to see herons, alligators, or turtles crossing the
roads on Sanibel Island. One must be cautious when riding
a bike or car. Though, the speed limit is only 25 mph.

Visiting Sanibel Island allows you to enjoy an atmosphere
that's a little quieter, a little less hurried and a lot less like
the rest of the world. It's absolutely beautiful here.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Presque Isle State Park PA

Presque Isle State Park is a 3,200-acre sandy peninsula
that arches into Lake Erie. Lake Erie is located in Erie
County, Pennsylvania. Presque Isle offers its visitors
a beautiful sandy coastline and many recreational activities,
including (free) beach swimming, boating, fishing, hiking,
biking, and skating. It's a beautiful place to spend a hot
summer day. If you want to stay longer, it's a great
place for camping. Cabin rentals are available.

There are eleven sandy beach areas of Presque Isle.
The beachs of Lake Erie, provide visitors with the only
surf & swimming within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Presque Isle State Park has approximately 11 miles of
hiking trails at the park. Bicycling and skating are not
permitted on hiking trails. There is a paved Recreation Trail that
makes aproximately 13.5-miles long. This trail is popular
among bicyclists, skaters, and joggers.

Fishermen come from all over to fish the waters of Lake
Erie. Common species are perch, bass, walleye, trout and
steelhead. Panfish, perch, bass, muskellunge, walleye,
northern pike, crappies, smelt and steelhead can be found
in Presque Isle Bay. Bowfishing is permitted. Popular shore
fishing locations are Waterworks and Ferry Dock ponds, East
and West piers, Perry Monument, North Pier, lagoons, and
all boat landings.

Picnic facilities with tables and grills are available throughout
the park. Picnic pavilions are available for rental, accommodating
from 30 to 200 people. You must make advance reservations to
use these.

Beaches are open daily from Memorial Day Weekend
to Labor Day. The regular hours are 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
For general state park information or to reserve a campsite,
cabin, picnic pavilion or an organized group tenting area,
you can call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS, Mon. to Sat. 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Florida Camping, Suwannee River State Park

Suwannee River was among the first parks to become
part of the Florida state park system. Immortalized in
the Stephen Foster song, "Old Folks at Home," (you know,
way up and down the Suwannee River), the river is known
around the world. It's a beautiful place to visit and set up
camp. Visitors can see Cypress trees, southern magnolia,
herons, American coots, turtles and hawks.

The park offers such amenities as birding, boating,
cabins, canoeing, fishing, hiking, kayaking, picnicing
areas, snorkeling, swimming, wildlife viewing and full camping
facilities. Suwannee River State Park offers some of the best
backcountry canoeing opportunities in the state of Florida.
The campground has 31 sites, complete with electrical hookups, grills
and picnic tables.

Suwannee River State Park Fees:

Admission Fee is $4.00 per car or $1.00 per person,
payable at the pay station.

Full facility camping is available for $15.00 per night

Youth Camping (tent camping) is available at $4.00 per person/night.

Canoe Rental Fee - 2 hour minimum: $10.00
Half Day: $15.00
Full Day (8 hours): $25.00

Cabins Rental Fee - $90.00 plus tax.

Suwannee River State Park is located in northern Florida, 13 miles
west of Live Oak, Florida, off U.S. 90.

This is one of the few state parks in Florida where
pets are welcome. Yeah, you can come too, Fido.
Open from 8 a.m. until sundown 365 days a year. Have Fun!