Monday, April 9, 2007

Sanibel Island - Florida Vacation

Sanibel Island is an island located on the Gulf coast
of Florida, just offshore of Fort Myers. If you'r vacation
dreams consist of being on a tropical island, walking in
the soft white sand, relaxing on a quiet beach, swaying
palm trees, lush tropical foliage and beautiful crystal blue
water, then you'll love Sanibel Island. The island has
15 miles of shell-laden shoreline. Over 400 different
species of shells can be found on the beaches.

Sanibel Island has everything one could wish for in a
Florida vacation. Excellent restaurants, accommodations,
golfing, tennis, fishing, boating, shopping, bike paths,
canoes, and theatrical productions are among the wonderful
things Sanibel has to offer. If you enjoy nature you can
visit the renowned J.N. “Ding Darling” National Wildlife Refuge
& Bird Sanctuary. The island itself is a nature preserve, so
one must respect all wildlife or otherwise be fined. It's not
uncommon to see herons, alligators, or turtles crossing the
roads on Sanibel Island. One must be cautious when riding
a bike or car. Though, the speed limit is only 25 mph.

Visiting Sanibel Island allows you to enjoy an atmosphere
that's a little quieter, a little less hurried and a lot less like
the rest of the world. It's absolutely beautiful here.

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